It's 3am, where are you?

Not quite a Christmas tale.

A phone vibrates without a human aiding in its inability to answer itself.

Can anyone hear me? I'm lost without my owner. Why am I laying on the ground? The fog. The mist. The dew! They will ruin me! I don't deserve such brutish treatment. This substance is cold.

So cold.

Every few seconds I hear the passing of a car. There is no point in yelling out to someone going 70 miles per hour.

If I had lungs, my breath would pierce the early morning. Wait!

Ambient lights are floating in the distance, trotting this way. Is this sorcery? No, I've seen this before. An omen of something terrible. I have no automation for emergency situations! Who can I beckon on the topic of a signal? I am only as smart as my handler!

Help! Help!

A vehicle. The origin of the lights. You are beginning to annoy me. If you would only shut up for a second, someone could hear my weeping. I feel defeated. How can I perform my tasks without proper resources?

Humans! I may have spoken too soon! They've arrived to my rescue! In uniform, no doubt!

Hey! I could use your help over here!

Preoccupied. Scurried, in a flash of blue, right passed me. My oasis was a mirage. Damn them. My usefulness weighs as much as the snowflakes beginning to bury me. I hear the suited humans calling out. Someone turn me around! I want to know what the fuss is about! This is ridiculous!

Who is screaming so loudly? Make her stop.

No! Hold on.

She sounds familiar. Through the shrieking, there is a resembling tone of a woman I know. Accompanies my owner quite often. In fact, just tonight, he held a conversation with her. He spoke of a date. The little devil.

She sounds horrified. What happened?! I am becoming infuriated now!


My calls are useless. I am giving up.


You can finish this story if you'd like. It is from the view of a cell phone that was flung from a car.. The owner got into a accident at 3am. He was with his girlfriend. The EMT were just arriving. I don't know if I want them to die, or if he is already dead and she survives or if the others involved are dead, so you can decide. If not, we will never know!

The End

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