Italy in May -- For Surely I say

In my hazy sleepy state I feel a chill from the stone walls.  I see Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn standing at the "Mouth" of the Colosseum in Rome laughing at the practical joke Peck has just played on Hepburn in the scene from "Roman Holiday". Such a good movie.   I will go to that little cafe and drink champagne then rent a scooter to ride around town. No, wait, five more minutes please, darn alarm clock. The year is 2010, the month is March and it is 6 days in but quite frankly I can't wait for April 30th. In 54 days (and counting) I leave Canada for Florence, Italy for one full month of learning, growing, and an incredible worldly experience. the calendar on my wall sits on a beautiful picture of   What more could I do to learn about Florence before I get there? I did what I love to do, I bought a book, a t"The royal Palace" and I stand at one end of the garden.  As I wait for my take off day I will enjoy a true story novel "The Monster of Florence" written by Douglas Preston with Mario Spezi, the imagery on the cover is an example of the incredible art throughout Florence., and the story told inside is as captivating as the art.  Oh no put the book down, I have homework to do, yes, the first assignment for my trip is and independent research assignment of an amazing person, place or art, to share with the group of travelers.

The End

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