It Was Random.


It was a very normal day for her. She was doing the innocent. The pastries shop was her favorite place to go for lunch and this time she had brought a friend. The wind tickled the hairs on her bear arms as she opened the door of the pastry shop. It was busy inside and the smell of fresh cookies filled the air.  

“What do you feel like?” She asked her friend who had tooken a seat beside her.

“I think I’ll just have a coffee for now.”                                    

“You sure, the brownies here are really good!” Her friend nodded. “Sure I’ll have a brownie also.” Her friend turned towards the glass window and used the reflection of the glass as a mirror so she could fix her black scarf that was draped over her head. She knew that her friend was religious and she respected that but whenever they went out they would get funny looks. She stood from her chair and went up to the cashier to order her friends coffee and brownie along with her cheesecake. “That will be ten dollars miss.” The cashier said. <<My, its pricey here!>> She thought. She then walked back to where her friend was sitting.

“What’s going on out there!?” Her friend asked looking out the window. There were a couple young guys about their age yelling at each other.

“I don’t know, probably just in a fight. I’m goanna get some forks, be right back” She left the table for the second time and grabbed some forks. Walking swiftly back to her friend she stopped to tie her shoe lase. She rested her hand on one of the chairs to help her get up.

“Watch out!” Someone screamed from behind her. BOOM! It had been a random bullet. It could have been anyone. She was dead.

-RavensPen (Riley)

The End

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