it was an ordinary day until...

has a creative writing for a summer exam ever made less sense?

"It was an ordinary day until you guys came along." Jazmin mused, leaning back in her chair casually.

Jazmin was just a schoolgirl, fifteen years old. She had wild, untamable hair and sharp blue eyes. She had been taken into the interrogation room in the police station to try and find out who her accomplices were in the robbery of the bank of ireland.

"Miss Quinn, who helped you rob the bank?" P.C. Raymond James asked stiffly. he was a middle-aged man, with almost no hair and high cholesterol. P.C. Jameswas the only detevtive in the room, because everyone in the station knew that he preferred to work alone.

"good man! You at least know a team effort when you see one," Jazmin chuckled, "What do I get if I tell you?"

Raymond didn't like this girl. It was unnerving how calm she was. But he wouldn't give in. He had broken stronger spirits than this before.                                                                                              

"they're willing to comprimise. They'll half your sentence, that's a pretty good deal girlie." Raymon said, trying to coax the information form Jazmin.

jazmin scrutinized his expression carefully, looked him straight in the eye and began her story.

"O.K. then P.C. Plum, I'll tell you the story, it's quite the tale. We started preparing a month ago. Big Bob hired us, so he paid expenses,"

"Who's Big Bob?" Raymond interrupted.

"dont Interrupt me. I dont know who he is. Never made face-to-face contact. He always phoned. Anyway, Big Bob Paid expenses, so danny, JJ and I didn't hold back on our shoppin' spree." jaxmin said, sounding like she was really enjoying playing storyteller.   "We got guns, lock picks, chloroform, code breakers, you name it. And It made the job much easier. Danny was our inside-man. He got the plans and shut down the security in the vault thet night. All JJ and I had to do was waltz in there and take the cash... Someone betrayed us though."  Jazmin's voice was suddenly as sharp as knives.

"Who?" Raymond asked, completely captivated by the story.

"Bob. It was all a twisted game. He set us up for his own amusement." jazmon hissed, her eyes full of hatred for the mystery man.

"Who are Danny and JJ?" P.C. Raymond asked, remembering he had a job to do.

"they're behind you, Mr James." Jazmin smiled.

The two-way mirrorbehing P.C. Raymond shattered and two teenage boys were standing in the booth behind it. Both were wearing children's halloween masks, one pointed a gun at P.C. Raymond's head while the other discarded the chair he ahd used to break the glass and walked over to Jazmin.

"Your late boys. Find out who that damned Bob is yet?" Jazmin asked, smiling playfully.

The boy nodded and then turned his attention to P.C. Raymond James. He drew a police baton from his backpack and used it to knock out the officer, while the other boy pulled the wires out fo the security camera in the interrogation room, and the screen went blank.

"Thats all there is!?" exclaimed Director Sheppard

"Yes, after that those kids escaped. They must have forgotten about that video." Officer Jane Wellsworth siad in a monotonal professional voice.

"And... these... children are our main suspects for the murder?" Director Sheppard said, stunned.

"Yes ma'am. Also, the girl isn't Jazmin Quinn. Her real identity is still unknown." Jane said, still as though she were a monotonal robot.

Director Sheppard slammed her fist on the desk, her face contorted with anger.

"This station! They escaped from this very station, knocked out a trained officer and murdered one of the most influencial businessmen in Europe!" She roared. "We dont know who they are, where they come from or what they'll do next.  We must make finding them our top priority."

"Yes ma'am." Jane said, saluting and then swiftly exiting the room.

She fished a mobile phone out of her pocket, and pressed the speed dial button. Then she slipped into the bathrooms where she removed her make-up and wig. After a short conversation and a change of clothes found in a kit-bag in the end cubicle, Jane Wellsworth became Caroline Smith, and later, Caroline Smith would become Jazmin Quinn.

"Just an ordinary morning..." Murmered Caroline, as she waved to her friends form work, on her way home from what they supposed had beena  night shift.

"an ordinary morning..."

The End

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