Chapter One

The window pane wept as it was lashed with relentless wind and rain. There was no moon, no stars, nay not even a solitary street light to lighten the desolate countenance of this God forsaken corner of purgatory!

Alone I was, my mind whipped to a fevered pitch by the howling gusts that threatened to swirl down my chimney flu, and swallow me whole. I put pen to ink to paper, and yet I could not write, I could not think!!!

Go, Go , you blasted evil old man of the North wind. Take your rain and snow and sleet, and darken not my small corner of this earth. Leave me to my thoughts and my written word.

There is a crashing clattering hammering upon my roof! The very shingles have been torn off and ripped asunder, only to be returned to me shredded and useless.

I go to my bed to cower there. I dare not snuff the lamp for fear the evil dark will overtake me and never return me to my humble hearth and home.

 All through the dark and stormy night I wait and watch and worry, and sleep not.

The End

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