It was a cold winter night

This particular winter night I knew mom was not going to make it.

It was a cold winter night when my mom passed away.  She hadn’t been well for a while now.  The cancer had spread everywhere, there was no stopping it. It had its roots deeply rooted in her body.  There was no way of reaching it.  She had tried chemo but felt it was too painful and she was tired of spending her days in hospitals.    

This cold winter night I knew the angels were going to fetch her.  It was how she spoke, held my hand and the look in her eyes that I knew it was time to let her go.  But how easy is that for any one!  I could feel and smell death everywhere.  We both knob our heads in silence as if saying you have suffered enough go rest.  I could see mom wanted to be alone and didn’t want me to see her go.  She asked me to fetch a glass of water.  I went to the kitchen and cried my eyes out because I knew mom was no more.

The End

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