The letter and attack

The contents are as follows:

Dear Henry,

Your wife is my passageway to you. With her gone, I can reach you. If you could, you would run. But alas, you cannot. You see, twelve other families have lived in this house. You are the thirteenth.

“Of families twelve, the thirteenth is doomed to die. He cannot run, though he may try.”



My heart sped up and my brain slowed down. My wife, a passageway? Thirteenth doomed to die? Cannot run?

I dropped the note. “No…” I whispered. “This cannot be. This will not be.” I stood up, knocking my chair back.

“Elaine!” I said. I started to shake my wife, to wake her. As she shook, her head lolled to one side.

Her eyes were rolled back into her head, and blood leaked from her mouth. Three words were carved into her cheek: “CLICK click click.”

My face went white—I could feel it. The temperature seemed to be dropping, and darkness filled the room.

“It” was entering.

I turned to the kitchen passageway, and screamed. It was right there. I was almost touching it. It had been behind me; all the while I read the note. It reeked of death and decaying bodies, and I realized why.

The clothes it was wearing. They were skins of humans, charred black by flames.

It seemed to grin, though it had no features. Its arm was drawn back, and all I next knew was claws slashing through my chest.

The End

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