The Adventure

"MILETTE!" Juliette calls.
"What is it?" Milette replies.
Before Juliette answers Milette, she took Milette's hand and ran inside the abandoned classroom. Then, she locked the door!
"Juliette!! What's going on?!" Milette asks.
"The staff just talked to me a while ago. And they've noticed that a handful of people have been following me ever since I met you." Juliette replies.
"WHAT?!"How did they find me? I can't be safe anymore!! Milette says.
"What are you talking about?" Juliette asks, puzzled.
"Juliette , you gotta listen to me! Your life is in danger and it's because of me!" Milette says. 

Then suddenly, the window near them broke to pieces and a man just threw a dagger to Milette! She was the next target 'cause the man was advancing to her, holding another dagger. She stared at the dagger, it was gold in color and there was another thing glittering IN the dagger! Then, she absent-mindedly took a knife in her pocket and threw it to the guy! But too bad, he was ONLY cut. Realizing he can't go further he accidentally dropped the dagger and ESCAPED.

The End

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