The Fire

While one of her friends cried heavily into her shoulder, Sorrow watched her ten year old reading quietly, often sparing a glance at Sharon and his mother.

There was nothing worse for Sorrow when sharon broke up with someone. She would sit for hours, ranting and crying, before drowning herself in alcohol.

This lasted till one in the morning, where Sorrow refused to stay in the same house as her drunken friend. Making their way back, Alex grabbed hold of his mother's arm tightly.

"No. Stay here." he whispered, peeking round the corner carefully. Sorrow herself looked, and found herself in dismay.

"No sign of them, sir." A man reported to another, infront of the burning building. The fire licked up, covering the walls with black, until it began to crack and crunch, falling, bit by bit.

Alex pinched his mother, bringing her out of her stupor. "We gotta run." He told her, puling at her to follow him. The two ran, inbetween houses, through back gardens.

"Go check over there!" Came a shout. A man came into view. Alex morphed his hand into a gun, aiming carefully. He shot the man twice in the legs, before his and Sorrow began to run again. Following her son to a house, with broken windows, and a door with two boards nailsed to it, she watched him beat out a rythmic pattern. The door was pulled open, and they were pulled inside.


The End

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