The Half-Breed

Holding the now sleeping boy in her arms, Sorrow knew that her son would not have an easy life. He was a half-breed. He was half demon, on her side, and half weapon, on his father's side.

She moved the blanket slightly, to see the mark on his stomach. Almost like a tanned tattoo, the mark was like a tribal sun around his belly button. Running her finger over it lightly, she wondered what the future would hold for the little tyke.

* * *

It was after three years old that Alex Morgan Gallows started to show his abilities. When both of his little hands turned into plastic knives, identical to the ones he placed with, Sorrow began concerned.

At age eight, she had already began teaching him self defence, and having mini fights with him. She used a blunt blade, while he used his own hands, changing them into different weapons. He never showed his friends, and olny practiced with his mother present.

At age ten, was when it all began.

The End

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