It Started With Jimmy

Hands shaking, heart racing; what had she done? The evidence was right in front of her but she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  She had never been a violent person. On the contrary, she had always been very timid. Never one to hurt anyone else, she had grown up putting her happiness on the backburner trying to please others.  I guess years of repressing your emotions and walking on eggshells had to have consequences, but this? This was terrible. Too much of a consequence for someone so innocent. 

Jimmy lay in the bed, his slumber having been turned into one of permanence instead of the usual 6 hours a night. Poor, poor Jimmy. He had been so much like her; timid, soft spoken, always doing the right thing.  They had been married 8 years. Their lives were seemingly perfect with their nine to five jobs, their two storey house, their two SUV’s, and their puppy. They never fought; not out of love but formality.  She had grown up with visions of a marriage like hers but with one difference.  In her dreams her and her husband loved each other passionately. Her and Jimmy loved each other. It wasn’t a passionate love it was more of a comfortable love like they had grown used to having each other there and preferred it to being alone. She had settled and it ate away at her everyday for the past 8 years but her acceptance of her life had been growing into resentment. She started resenting Jimmy. He stood for the dreams that would never come true. She resented the way he laid his clothes out at night for work the next morning. She resented the same breakfast of oatmeal and coffee he ate every single day with absolutely no room for variation. And lately she had even started hating how he breathed. She would lay awake at night just listening, not being able to sleep. His breathing was like nails on a chalkboard to her and tonight she just couldn’t take anymore. 

She had snapped. It was all a fog now, she couldn’t even remember putting the pillow to his face. If she closed her eyes she could still hear his muffled screams and feel the weight of his flailing limbs underneath her. She opened her eyes. She was a murderer. Now what to do with Jimmy’s body?

The End

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