Haruko was on the verge of tears.

            “Yes, ma’am,” she said as she pulled out a PSP from her back pocket.

            “How long was what PSP in your pocket?” I queried.

            “Five minutes, I had to hide it from my roommate. She’s all goody-goody and wants me to ‘walk on the right path’. Hah.”

            “I’ll make you walk the right way if you don’t come to class tomorrow,” the president scowled.

            “Aw… why can’t I start next Monday?”

            “I don’t care; you need to fill up those attendant spots. Well, I told you my message, if you don’t come tomorrow, I’ll shoot you.”

            Haruko made a soldier salute and nodded, watching Claire leave the room—although I stayed—and turn on the lights. The door closed signaled her to hop to me and hand me another PSP from magically somewhere. “You play Monster Hunter right?”

            “Used to, yeah.”

            “Play me.”

            “I can’t say I’m very good, especially when I stopped playing games since sixth grade.”

            The video gamer’s mouth dropped, she closed it after a second. “You never played games every since? How did you get by?”

            “You can say that I had more… entertaining things to do.”

            “Really? What’s that? Exercising?” she joked.

            “No… how ‘bout you? How are you still in shape if you play games all day?” I noticed.

            “If you have to do stuff with Claire, you have to be fit. You’ll be running around the campus a lot.”

            “Then tell me something else, who is the others?”

            “You’ll probably never see the treasurer except in meetings and Claire usually put the historian on patrol so he’s also out of the question.” The historian on patrol? What?

            “Do they have names?”

            “Hajra Reza for treasurer and Mael Perrot for historian. You wanna know how the election works too?” they have weird names.

            “Sure,” I said. As long as it keeps me away from the PSP.

            “For the student council, we are counted as one so there’s no need for election of an individual election of the president or vice and et cetera. Our council is actually the first to win in our first year here.” She took a breather. “Our student council has four, including you, five members and that’s not a lot from previous councils, but we are the best due to Claire’s horrifying leadership. Oh, and Mael’s patrol too. And I’m sure you’ll do well if Claire hand-picked you. That’s not something she does every day.”

            Ah, there’s nothing else to say. She began to bug me about playing Monster Hunter again. It gave me a bad and funny memory when I turned the PSP on. Once, I had beaten Tyler over and over that he literally started crying like a baby. I smiled at that memory while the hands automatically pressed buttons to create a character. I was sitting on a bed while Haruko was still glued to the desk chair (she was rolling around with it). I’m just saying random things to distract myself. The moment the two PSP connect, I just said goodbye to myself.


            After many or few pvp rounds and monster hunting, I got tired. Haruko was on the verge of tears. Woops. She sniffed and forced out a laugh, “Wow! You’re really good at this!”

The End

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