I'm in her council?

            “Doesn’t she have a roommate?”

            “Yeah, she doesn’t mind, but she does bother Haruko to eat and sleep. Did I mention that she was the vice-president of the student council?”

            “No. Now I’m quite curious. Let’s go to this missing classmate. There’s really nothing else to do.”

            So we headed for the dorm.


            Claire knocked on the door of Haruko’s room; she sighed and waited for the door to open. If the door wasn’t going to open, Claire had to use the master key. She actually wanted to burst in the door, although the manager refused to let her do it for it would cost money… even though this academy was the richest school in the world. The second knock came around but still no answer. She had to use the key. Opening the door was like a whole new vision of something new again. It was extremely dark with only the computer as a light source. Where’d she get that computer? It looked pumping. What did I just say?

            “Haruko! You really passed the limit this time!” yelled Claire.

            She rushed in and opened the window and cracking the skin of the dark creature. Haruko hissed, “Ah! Close that curtain! What are you doing?”

            “You’re not a freaking creature of the dark, get used to it,” was Claire’s response as she plug the computer off.

            “Ah! Why you turned it off!”

            I almost felt bad for her, and then I remembered that she was a shut-in. She needed time off the computer. While Claire was giving her vice-president a life lesson, I strolled around the room and especially took a long time studying the shelf. It was full of many things. Games, manga, anime DVD, and even figurines. Oh, the president was right, she was an extremist; almost like an otaku. I touched the game case that interested me the most and pulled it out. Monster Hunter for the PSP… I remembered I used to play this with Tyler on the playstation, it was fun.

            “Oh, you like playing Monster Hunter?” asked the gamer, ignoring Claire.

            I turned back, smiling, and denying, “No. It just reminded me of my childhood.”

            “You used to play Monster Hunter? How good were you?”

            “Goodness. Shut up, Haruko!” she closed Haruko’s mouth with her hands. “I don’t need another shut-in in my council.”

            “I’m in your council?” I’m in her council?

            “Oh!” Haruko clapped. “You must be the new secretary that Claire was texting about!”

            “I’m the new secretary?” I repeated her.

            “Didn’t we talk about this?” Claire sighed.

            “No! We didn’t!” I cried. “I don’t want to be a part of the student council. I don’t want to be in any kind of club.”

            “Well, too bad, I already filled out the application.” She nodded to herself, proud.

            “How? You needed by signature—” then I remembered why she was asking me for the signature during class time.

            Claire patted me on the back, saying, “It’s not that bad. Anyway, I want you to start on a no absent spree from now on. If you don’t, I’ll tell the manager to take your computer away. It’s illegal here to have your own computer.”

The End

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