“That’s why you pull out the cords and smash her computer.”

            Oh, I forgot to ask Tyler about him being a degenerate and being spared.

            When I turned around, I saw Lunette trying to pace herself with Tori who was speed walking. There they went. A tad curiosity hit me when I had thoughts about what Claire had said. It didn’t make me want to follow them, since it was their privacy and I respected that. If Lunette wanted to talk to me about her problems, then that was fine, I wasn’t about to be nosy about everything. Unlike Claire.

            A minute behind them was Claire, who noticed me standing by the boy’s dorm. She waved me to come over, so I did. “What were you doing?” she questioned.

            “I brought Tyler back to the dorm so he could mope. Are you stalking them?”

            “I was going to,” Claire said. “The manager is getting on my arse about this. Literally.” She shivered.


            I ignored the last thing she said, for my sanity. “Does the manager have a name?”

            “Ms. Lawson,” she murmured. “Nobody knows her first name… expect me.”

            “Why is that?”

            The president twisted her head away from my vision, and muttered, “Because that’s what she says when we…”

            She could no longer speak. For some reason, the manager popped out of nowhere. Literally. “Claire,” she whined. “Why didn’t you go after them?”

            “I’m sorry, but as the student council president, I cannot be caught following students. It will ruin my reputation,” Claire tried to answer as professional as she could.

            “Oh, who cares about your reputation,” she refuted.

            “I do!” screamed the student council president. “And so does everybody else.”

            “Does Valiant care?”

            “Not really,” I immediately responded.

            “Then it’s fine!” she applauded for no reason. “Please try again tomorrow.”

            The manager went back to the girl’s dorm, winking at Claire.

            I was speechless as I pieced the puzzle together. “You are a sick woman, Claire.”

            “I am not, the manager is,” she retorted. “Besides, that’s usually not what I do anyway.”


            “Yeah.” Claire was becoming herself again, her smirk reappearing. “I play what people would say ‘love games.’ However, I am only here to fill in the missing gap for a period. I’m an only temporary use to escape. So, of course, I do have rules, and it is pretty simple. My client mustn’t fall in love with me.”

            “Has any one of your ‘client’ fallen for you?” I wondered, sarcastically.

            “Yes, indeed,” she said silently. “She’s in the same class as us, but you haven’t even seen us talking yet. Don’t worry; you’ll see who it is immediately on Friday after the math test.”

            Oh, yeah. We had a math test. I should—shouldn’t study. Again, I had two hours to spare, what was there to do? “Well, we could always get Haruko out of her room,” Claire suggested. “Although it might fail since she says that her ‘guild’ was in this tournament and she hasn’t been out of her room since summer in order to train her character. I don’t know how they let her stay in the dorm over the summer nor do I know how she took care of herself.”

            “That’s why you pull out the cords and smash her computer.”

            “And then she would magically pull out another one from somewhere I don’t know.”

The End

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