"Sorry to ruin the mood..."

            Tyler started blabbering on and on about the letter in which I told him to get over it. While the gate was slowly opening. I saw somebody conversing with the guard. The next thing I knew, that person was in the group of Tyler and me. It freaked me out, but I didn’t jump like Tyler. It was a little girl, maybe somewhere between thirteen or fourteen. She had an umbrella that she was twisting around for fun. She wore such clothing that I couldn’t comprehend. Most pirates would wear a ruffled white shirt. It was covered over with a dark crimson coat that went all the way down to her knees. All that was left was her shorts matching the color of her shirt and red boots. I didn’t know why she needed an umbrella when she was wearing a hat. I don’t get it.

            Closing her umbrella and taking off her hat to reveal a semi-long auburn hair. Striking the tip of her umbrella on the ground, she said, “Hello, cousin.”

            I definitely wasn’t her cousin. So I looked at Tyler and for the first time, I saw a fear that was never shown on his face. From what I knew of him, he wasn’t afraid of anything. But this girl… was she who he was talking about? His fingers shivered, lips trembled, and pupils wavered. It made me curious to why she was so scary. To me, she was just a typical child. Kind of.

            The girl didn’t wait for Tyler to reply, and she just went on to me. “You must be who Tyler spoke of… Vallerie?”

            “It’s Valiant,” I corrected.

            “Ah, I’m sorry,” she chuckled. “Valiant. The name is, well, you can just call me Monday.”

            “… Monday? The bestselling author, Monday?”

            “Yes.” She nodded. Jotting her head up to the sky, and then around the campus, she said, “I used to go to St. Arkive, and I quite miss the days here.”

            “You were a student here?” I asked, taking a peak at Tyler who was in a frozen state.

            “I am. I graduated two years ago at the age of eleven.”

            Thirteen years old, finished one of the best academies there was, and already famous. What was Tyler doing? “Is everybody in the Varando family this smart?”

            Monday laughed. “If only, it’d be so much easier. We are, however, a family of hard workers. This was how we gained our status.”

            I was actually learning more from Monday than Tyler about the Varando family altogether. After a while, Monday decided to bring her attention back to her cousin. A cold sweat dripped down his cheek. “Don’t worry, cousin, I am just here to see who your precious friend is.”

            “You leave her out of this,” he snarled, finally bringing up his courage to talk.

            “And do you think a degenerate like you can tell me what to you?” her attitude quickly change. Her glare pierced right through him like a knife. That word ‘degenerate’ appeared to hurt him the most. “You’re lucky that Father decided to listen to me and spare you. In other words, your life belongs to me and I can take you out at any time. So don’t you dare speak to me like this!”

            Sorry to ruin the mood, but she sounded like a spoiled child. Sorry. She didn’t scare me one bit, only bringing my anger mood up. Sighing, I decided to leave them alone. Although it didn’t work since Monday left when I did and Tyler had time to catch up. He wasn’t in the mood anymore, and his sullen face made me smile. I couldn’t help it. Walking Tyler back to his dorm, I waved him goodbye after. 

The End

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