Chapter 3

            This morning was extremely uncomfortable. I woke up, with a weird feeling on my left side; it was a feeling and a smell of a girl. She was on my bed wasn’t she? I forced my eyes to turn to look at her, she was sleeping so soundly. It was almost nice, except for the part that she was in my bed! One hand wasn’t good enough to push her off; I used my legs and kicked her off. It was a painful awakening, but I hoped it taught her a lesson.


            Hopping off the bed on the opposite side of where she was, I went on with my daily morning routine. The two of us didn’t say anything on the way to class. I was dead at the time, and there wasn’t anything interesting to start a conversation. Like the first day, I entered first and got to my seat, where Claire was waiting for me. She was sitting on my desk, and I told her, “Move.”

            “Being cold today, aren’t you?” she laughed. “Did Luna’s forty degree climate get to you already? Quite fast.”

            “Well, I haven’t gotten used to her putting the AC all the way down to the lowest it can go. But I’m definitely not used to her suddenly sneaking into my bed.”

            “And there’s the two reasons why the original person who lived with her begged the manager for a new room,” she explained.

            “I heard about that, but don’t you guys get new roommates every year?” I pondered.

            “You can be with your roommate again if you want to. Some people change since they don’t get along with each other. Just like Luna’s last roommate.” She titled her head over to check if Lunette was listening in or not. We weren’t talking extremely loud, and the classroom was already filled up with chatters. “It’s technically illegal to change rooms during the year; however, with the manager, as long as you can reason with her, you can.”

            “Why is it illegal?”

            Shrugging, she said, “I don’t know, I’m not the principal of this school. How the hell do I know what he’s thinking these days?”

            Claire actually didn’t move away from my desk yet, so instead, I pushed her off. Gently. It wasn’t like she went flying. And I sat on my seat. It was a perfect timing too, the bell had rung. The homeroom teacher got up from his table and began.

            The second day and we were already into the lecture. I wasn’t used to that since we usually had a relaxing week, because the school that I went to was terrible.

            Lunch had arrived before I knew it, and Tyler swooped into class and kidnapped me before anybody else did. He dragged me all the way down the halls. I heard whispers. Just great. At that point, I caused a scene. “What are you doing Tyler?” I growled, tugging my arm back.

            “I just wanted to talk to you.”

            “Then you could’ve done that in class instead of pulling me all the way out.”

            “But we’re not there yet,” he said.

            We were still in the hallway, and I didn’t want to stay in the center of attraction. I couldn’t argue with Tyler anyway. “Fine, let’s keep going.”

            It was between the road to the dorms was where he took me. Very secretive. “What do you want?” I groaned.

The End

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