"... Lunette did."

            “Well…” I looked the other way. “I didn’t really rip it, Lunette did. You shouldn’t be mad at me, you should be mad at her.” I sarcastically pointed my problems toward Lunette.”

            I was in a bit of a happier mood than I was all those years without him, and I didn’t really understand why. His voice had gotten deeper, his face was a bit more rouge from his martial arts lesson, and he was now taller than me… Tyler did change physical wise, but not personality. He was the same idiot I knew and hated. Though I would never admit to him that I had enjoyed my time with him, I really did. No matter how many days I had wasted with Tyler, to me, it was a wasted time that was worth it. It was really nice having a friend who was always there for you. A friend… I didn’t have any back in intermediate.

            The redhead probably knew that it was mean, but she couldn’t help but to burst out laughing. “That’s hilarious!”

            “It’s not funny, Claire!” he whined like a child. Then he turned to me. “Why would you?”

            It was almost as if I had done something bad. Maybe. “Because I want to see it for myself and because I want you to say it to me in person and not behind a wall of paper. That also reminds me, it’s called a cell phone you idiot. I didn’t change my number and I know for certain that you still have it in your contact list.”

            “Well…” he nervously rubbed the back of his head and said, “Don’t you think writing a letter shows off more feeling than though a phone or an e-mail?”

            The president was having a blast. This time, however, there were muffled laughters. “Pfft…”

            He got a point. I didn’t have anything to argue with that, I let it off. “I guess so. By the way, are we really going to stand around here and do nothing but talk?”

            Patting Tyler on the back, she finally pulled herself together and said, “If you want something more exciting, we can always go and try to find where those two girls are heading to. Although it might be a bit difficult since they’re probably gone already.”


            We all gave up on that within a second. So instead, Tyler and Claire decided to take me around the city, since I didn’t really have a good look at it. I was just a girl from a small town, this place was much more interesting. And after that, really nothing interesting happened. Nighttime had arrived.


            Lunette had already been in the room before I was. How did I know? Because the room was plunged into an ice age. There she went, again, in her only shirt and no pants uniform. She noticed me and said, “Hello, Valiant.”

            “Lunette, you really got to stop turning this room into a freezer.”

            “S—sorry,” she apologized. “I just feel comfortable when I’m like this.”

            “Freezing to death?”

            “It’s not like that.” She shook. “I don’t think I’ve told you this yet, but I’m a transfer student. I came from Alaska.”

            “Oh, makes sense,” I blurted.

            Lunette yawned and said, “We better go to sleep. It’s ten.”

            “Yeah, we should.” Though I need to find something.

            As Lunette turned off the lights and went to a slumber, I searched my bags for an item, for something. 

            Then a piece emerged and took my attention, I pulled it out. It was the letter… taped together. I glanced at Lunette who had her back to me and I grinned for a bit. Huh, she was thinking what I was thinking.


            Today’s night is a sleep I really enjoyed. He isn’t there to haunt me.

The End

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