"The second one..."

            “You got a problem with two hours?” Claire queried.

            “No, I don’t.”

            “Hahah,” she laughed. “You can leave the campus during lunch, and though you might think that it’s a great opportunity to skip school, well… it is! You can skip your fifth and sixth period for the entire year if you want to, I mean, if you wanted to fail. I’m supposed to enforce the whole thing of, ‘Don’t let students go off campus’ but then I’d have to make lunch an hour only. Besides, I enjoy being away from St. Arkive when I need to. So I overruled it. You should be thanking me, Lunette, for keeping this two hour lunch.”

            “What do you mean?” Lunette raised her left brow.

            Claire grinned, pointing at her. “Because you and Tori always leave school.”

            She stared at the student council president intently, and it made her realized, “I have to go.”

            “Ah, yes, go and see Tori. Not part of my business,” she said as Lunette hurried out of the cafeteria. “Although it is the manager’s business,” Claire added.

            I observed the two, and noticing how Lunette didn’t exactly get along with the redhead. When she had brought up a topic, my roommate ran away. Poor her. Not really.

            “There’s no reason to stay here any longer,” the president nodded to herself. “Let us go too. Tyler’s probably waiting for us outside.”

            What are you? A psychic?

            Indeed she was a psychic, the idiot was waiting patiently outside. He said hello to both me and Claire, I did the same. The student council president on the other hand had a question. “Did you see Luna walking past the gate with that albino child?”

            “Luna? Yeah, I saw her with Tori. Why?”

            Scratching her head, she sighed. “The manager wants me to investigate on where they always go during lunchtime because she’s worried about those two. I seriously don’t know why she should be worried, I mean, the two of them are from the journalism club. To the people who rarely leaves campus, the school newspaper is what keeps them in touch with the latest things happening around the city. But I guess she has every reason to worry now that I think about it, they did bring back a policeman who told her that they were snooping around where they shouldn’t be at.” I think she said worry about three times.

            “So the manager wants you to tell her where those two have been going and that’s it?” Tyler wondered. “I mean, what else is there to do? Nothing can stop Tori.”

            “Does everybody here know each other?” I butted in. “Or did I just happen to befriend a small little society within this school?”

            “The second one,” Claire answered.

            Tyler suddenly gawked to where I was. We were in an eye-to-eye contact, and I waited for him to say something. “So…” his voice was croaky, nervous. “Did you reply my letter?”

            How completely random, but… “Oh. That letter? I ripped it.”

            “What?” he screamed.

The End

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