"Two hours?"

            I was still healthy, to me.

            Even if I was hungry, I only ate about half of the portion. That was usually my reason to bring somebody along when I wanted to eat at restaurants. A person like… Nikel.

            “Ah…” I had totally forgotten about him.

            “Hm?” Lunette replied to me.

            “It’s nothing.” I shook.

            Claire walked toward the line, but stopped before asking me, “What do you want?”

            I never saw the menu before, so I checked what the other people had, and got what they were getting. Which was a healthy dose of curry. Oh, how nice. Lunette dragged me to an empty table and waited for Claire (she had already mentioned what she wanted), while telling me, “Claire is very lucky.” Then she just laughed to herself.

            “What do you mean?”

            “She can cut right through the line and people wouldn’t even complain… out loud.”

            “So she just slips right through with no problem? What about the people who serves the food? What do they say?”

            “Nothing, really. Claire is basically the other principal.” More like a god.

            In minutes, the redhead came back, holding trays like a waiter. She placed the plates down on the table and according to what we wanted. A large plate… ah… great. “Thanks.”

            We ate and conversed with each other for a while, until another person caught my attention. It wasn’t Tori, who told me that we were to meet again, but another person. She wasn’t really here for me, which was a good thing. “Claire.”

            “Katerina Solovyov,” she answered with the girl’s full name for some reason.

            Does everybody greet each other like that?

            So, of course, somebody like me didn’t know who Katerina was, and Claire filled in the blanks for me. “She’s the leader of the Realm of Muse. We call her the Tyranny. You can probably know why we named her that.”

            “What do you mean by we?” she scoffed. “It was only you who called me that at first, and to be honest, I think you should be called the Tyranny and not me.”

            “Why? Unlike you, I don’t overrule everything that your underlings suggest, at least I don’t act like a total arse about everything. But props to you for actually doing the paper works unlike the other two leaders.”

            “They aren’t putting up a good example are they?” the Tyranny groaned.

            “Yes, even if you are an ignorant wench, you are second best.”

            Her eyebrows twitched in frustration, yet she said nothing and pleaded us maggots. Lunette was freely enjoying her meal without a care while this was happening. I was stuck watching the two hissing at each other like cats. When it ended, I sighed in relief. Claire couldn’t stop her sly grin that she had on like a mask.

            Like I had said before, I could only finish half of the portion. Good thing Claire was a big eater and wasn’t satisfied with hers. Jotting down an invisible note to myself to bring the student council president whenever I wanted to eat at a restaurant. I took my tray and discarded it… not literally. “How long is lunch?” I asked.

            “Two hours,” Lunette answered.

            “Two hours?” I repeated.

            “Two hours,” she said it also.

The End

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