"... I never believed them."

            We didn’t get to finish our conversation, so we took it to lunch. In which case, the other three periods went by faster than I anticipated. How weird. Claire kept on talking back to the teacher, and they couldn’t do anything about it. “Hey, this is what you get for putting me in the front seat. Rather, you should blame Mr. Spencer for putting me here.”

            The teacher of math class, Ms. Hunnigan, sighed grimly. “It doesn’t matter where you sit. Either way, you’ll still talk.”

            This happened for three periods.

            When the lunch bell went off, the door right next to me immediately opened with Tyler’s face behind it. Oh, goodness. Was he waiting outside this whole time? Nope, he was just in the next class and rushed out before the bell rung.

            “Vallerie,” he said.

            “Tyler,” I greeted him back.

            “How are you doing on your first day?”

            “Hey, Tyler,” Claire uttered before I could. “You were right about her.”

            “Right?” he was acting like a girl. “She’s just like it.”

            “I don’t know what you people are talking about, but if you need me, I’ll be going.”

            Grabbing all of my items, I hurried out of the class. The books themselves were huge, monstrous size. They told me that we were to learn everything in the textbook. I told them they were crazy. Then again, this was a class for “smart kids.” Lunette was right behind me, since our lockers were right next to each other. I unloaded the dead weight on me and sighed in relief.

            Oh, right, I never asked where lunch was served.

            “Lunch? Oh, they’re back at the dormitory.”

            Once again,  a random arm appeared out of the blue and wrapped around me. This time, it was Claire. “Hey, let me join you two.”

            “What happened to Tyler?”

            “He went on to his ‘business’ since he is quite the important man.” She chuckled. “Tyler just forgot to do all the paper works during the summer so he’s going to be stuck in the office until he finish all of them.”

            “Paper works for what?”

            “Stuff… like who is joining Ares’ branch and organizing them into alphabetical order. I already did mine, so that’s why I’m not in there with Tyler, Leona.”

            I actually didn’t understand what she was saying, but I decided to ignore it since I was beginning to feel the hunger. “Who’s Leona?”

            “She’s the leader of Hermes’ Realm. We actually won’t see her a lot since she spends all her day at her own Realm. Well, I’ll be seeing her in the meetings between the leaders. You can come along if you feel curious about Leona.”

            “I’ll think about it.”

            The cafeteria was the room to the left after you hit the counter where there was an old woman with graying hair behind it. How weird, I thought the manager was pretty young. Was my eyes deceiving? “The managers switch every week between the two,” Lunette explained.

            Made much sense. “Thank god…” Claire exhaled.

            For what?

            There were lots of people here, though I shouldn’t be surprised. I was amazed by the fact that the aroma smelled… delicious. The food appeared to be edible. Astounding. I actually hadn’t eaten for two days. I came to this place yesterday, and actually never bothered myself to bring myself to the cafeteria. Lunette never directed me here anyway, so I completely forgot. I tend to forget to eat and I usually didn’t feel very hungry. Doctors said that I had an eating disorder back in elementary, I never believed them. 

The End

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