"Excuse me?"

            Her reaction was, “What?” Lunette had forgot what she was about to tell me. Then she glanced at the ceiling, hoping that it would have the answer. I will never understand why people wanted an answer from the ceiling, it couldn’t converse. Oh, well…

            “I’m guessing that what you wanted to say wasn’t very important.”

            “No, it is. I was going to ask you if you wanted to join the journalism club.”

            “Excuse me?”

            “It’s a request from the club leader.”


            “Phone.” She cleared my doubt.

            “Ah.” I nodded, for some reason, and replied simply, “No.”

            “I understand.” What in the hell do you mean you understand?

            “Why did she want me to join the journalism club?”

            “She thought that somebody like you could help us interview better.”

            What? “I don’t understand.”

            Lunette sounded scared of what she was to say next. “She thinks that with your kind of attitude, you could help us interview people.”

            So, I’m like the bad cop? I’m supposed to beat them up for answers? “Wait… what am I supposed to do exactly? Why do I need to instill fear into someone? Are you investigating criminals?”

            “The club leader—

            “I actually never got a name,” I interrupted her.

            Staring intently at me for my rudeness, she puffed her cheeks and said, “Her name is Tori. She finds it more interesting to get a scoop on what the girls want. It was how Tori gets her story, from the gossipers, and she repays them by making it true or proving that it’s false.”

            “Oh, and the people of the rumor usually deny it, right?”


            “Anyway, I’m not joining,” I uttered.

            “What? Why?” she muffled her scream.

            “It’s a pain in the neck to be in a club,” I moaned. “Besides, a whole bunch of people are probably going to be mildly injured by the fact that people are going to swarm all over them in order to gain club members. I don’t know why they would do that, but I guess it’s pretty effective. Pressuring them into joining wasn’t such a bad thing. I mean, they have the choice to leave and go to another. I’m thinking that Tyler probably already spread false rumors about me. Which reminds me, did he?”

            “He did,” said an invader, “in fact, he told me that you’ve mastered in martial arts and sports. It fascinates me on why you never join a club back in your first year and during middle school. I wonder why?”

            It was the redhead… Claire was her name. Lunette jumped out of her chair, surprised and surprising everybody else. There was a silence before time resumed. In the midst of the chatter, Claire had said more, “The name’s Claire Clarke, if you haven’t realized.”

            “Yes, I have.”

            She smirked, taking one of the chair and scooted it to my desk. “So I’m guessing Tori’s puppet has already tried to recruit you?”

            “Hey!” Lunette yelled, yet her ‘mad’ tone sounded nothing like anger.

The End

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