"... what a lazy teacher..."

            The door opened, or rather, slammed open. It was a girl who had denied the school rules and came in with leggings. She had worn her white dress shirt, but it was layered with a gold-encrusted black vest. There was something about her, didn’t know yet. Might be that the redhead had a short pixie hairstyle, with a side neat side parting and a crop cut fringe swept to the side. It made her a sore thumb, sticking out like that. I saw some students while walking here with red hair, but hers, hers were really red. Like an apple.

            Mr. Spencer seemed to know who she was as he sighed. “Claire.”

            “Mr. Spencer,” she replied.

            “Well, since you’re late, why don’t you make an introduction.”

            “But you never do this kind of thing, Mr. Spencer. Am I really that special?” she chuckled. Either way, she didn’t listen to his response and turned to the class. “My name is Claire—Claire Clarke—and I am the president of the student council. I’m actually surprised by the fact that we have, or should have, a full class.” Her eyes scanned the place in search for something. I didn’t know until she fixed her eyes on me, and smile slyly. “I hope that we will get along with each other just fine.” That statement had been directed to me.

            What did I do now?

            Sighing, I glanced at the other students who were still peeking a look at me.

            “Alright, thanks, you can go to your seat now. Get Haruko to go to class on test days, will you? It’d be nice.”

            “Don’t worry,” she said as she sat down. “I’ll get her to attend class.”

            I assumed they were talking about the other empty seat. The class got really quiet—an awkward silence—after that. Even Mr. Spencer didn’t know what else to say until one of the guys went ahead and started chatting up the place. It got his senses back and he went back to acting like a teacher. “Alright, since this is just a first day of class, I basically have nothing else to do, unless you wanted me to teach you guys English already.”

            “No,” responded the entire class.

            “Ah, alright,” he laughed. “You guys have the rest of the period to yourself. Don’t get too loud, or else I will give you all quizzes on something you haven’t even learned yet and it will be your first F. Unless you were the smart ones and read it beforehand.”

            That teacher act went away the moment it started. How sad. People hopped off of their chairs and went by their friends. Conversations lapped over each other. I sat there, minding my own business. I could hear a little snicker from the redhead. What is her problem?

            Ah… what a lazy teacher…

            He sat down on his desk and went to his own business. Sometimes Claire would bother him, though I couldn’t really hear what they said because of all the chatter around me. Then again, why did I want to know? Curiosity was a dangerous thing. It had gotten me—


            Turning around, I saw Lunette sitting right next to me. She was fidgeting around awkwardly, like she was forced to talk to me. I just gawked, not replying, and waiting for her to continue. Though she didn’t understand the fact that I usually didn’t reply with a “what?” so we both ended up staring at each other for minutes. Or at least me gazing directly at her, she acted like a shy girl who was trying her best to confess to the person she loved but couldn’t. Finally, one of us couldn’t stand this anymore, and I had to speak up, “What?”


Author's Note: Claire's being introduced, yaaaay!

The End

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