Chapter 2

            Where are you Tyler? I’m scared.


            I was wide awake at the time I needed to be. That dream, it was here again, it wasn’t something that happened from time to time. It was something that happened often. No, this wasn’t a time to be thinking about it. Lunette was still fast asleep even though it was seven in the morning, I got up and woke her up by smacking her on the back of her head. After hearing her complaint, I took the bathroom first. I was afraid that she might be one of those girls who took ‘forever’ in the bathroom with all their makeup and whatnots.

            When I finished my dental need and had a quick shower, I left it and well… we just got ready for school. The school was so kind to give us short spandex, hah.

            I followed Lunette to our classroom, 2-A; though she politely told me to enter first and not walk in with her at the same time. I agreed without question and went in without almost a care in the world. Inside, I could feel people watching me. Oh, see what you’ve done now Tyler? Now I’m the main attraction… again! Where did my peaceful yet boring first year life go? Wait, it died, almost forgot. Well, as long as nobody talked to me, I think I’ll degrade back to an invisible student. I hope.

            The light dimmed when I found out that my desk was right near the back door. If I knew Tyler enough, which I did, he always entered the room through the back door. I was doomed for sure; I couldn’t escape from him at lunch. I couldn’t escape the attention of jealousy. Not that I took pride in that.


            Okay, you got me. Maybe I did a little bit.

            Lunette had taken the seats near the window. Lucky. Her blue eyes were averting me. Windows, large ones, were placed on the left side, the total opposite of where I sat. I really wanted to stare out the windows all day. Oh, well. I sat back in the desk and did what I usually did when people gazed at me. It wasn’t as fun when I was on the train. It didn’t matter, the homeroom teacher entered the class and shouted, “Get in your seats!” even though the bell hadn’t rung yet.

            Some of the students had forgotten to look at the seating chart laid out on the teacher’s desk. Each one of them went to the teacher’s desk and got a smack on the head. I couldn’t help but to grin. When everybody found their seats, I had noticed that two was missing. This class had tables up to only fifteen, and it should be a full class.

            “I’m actually amazed that this class is full. If the other two were here,” he said.

            Picking up his seating chart, he checked the names of the missing. Before he could loudly say the names, the bell rung. With that, he dropped the chart and smiled brightly at the class. “Hello, there! My name is Mr. Spencer. I expect to have a good year.”

            He appeared to be a middle-age man, with a full-grown beard covering half of his face. It was trimmed finely and hung down to his neck. He was in a suit, and it would be the only thing that I found neat. After that introduction, he sighed and stared at the chart.

The End

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