"It was a nice day to end."

            Do what? Freeze yourself to death? “...”

            Then started the silence, I sat on my bed and it was really comfortable. It was if I could instantly fall asleep if I laid on it. Though I was a bit afraid to sleep at the moment, yes, I was afraid. There was something off with this girl; I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Was she a loner? Was she a bullied child? For god’s sake, she might even be a nympho! But I had to figure that out in due time, everyone has a time where they reveal everything about themselves. Even me.  I glanced at her to see that she was lightly biting on her thumb for some reason. She noticed me looking and reasoned, “Oh, this? It’s just a habit I picked up.”

            I didn’t need to know, but oh well. “Say, Lunette, you’re a journalist, correct?”

            “Huh? How did you know?”

            “There’s the camera on the table and a notepad. And... I also met your boss.”

            “My boss?”

            “That’s what she said.”

            “Oh, the club leader.” She sighed. “Why did you ask?”

            “For no apparent reason, I just wanted to hear it from you.”


            Another silent period of time. No matter, I left the comfort of my bed and laid against the wall after grabbing Tyler’s letter from my bag. I began reading it once more. If Tyler wanted to write a letter, I might as well reply with a letter. Lunette gave an intent stare at me.

            Then something a bit crazy came on to me, I needed to get rid of this letter. Just by holding it made me angry. My nails of my thumbs touched the tip of each other as the rest of my hands were in the position of ripping this letter. The same feeling of being unable to write quickly put a spell upon me once again, I couldn’t tear this letter. If this was the same feeling, I would be able to overcome it and shred this paper into pieces sooner or later. However, the feeling was too strong, I stopped trying… only to think of something else.

            “Lunette, you mind doing me a favor?”

            “It depends.”

            “This is pretty simple.” I straightened my right arm out to her while holding the letter. “Take this, and tear it for me.”


            “I told you, simple.”

            I was totally heading for the cowardly path. I should be the one ripping it myself, but right now, I had no patience. Lunette, who had no idea of what this was, picked the letter off of my hands and readied herself. She looked at it nervously, almost, and slowly teared it until it became four. Then she handed it back. The moment it touched my hand, I dunked it into the trash can. And oh, it felt great. A smile, a wonderful smile, sprouted from my lips. I tried to cover it up, but the girl had already seen it. She grinned at me. I could see that she was fighting with her curiosity as her eyes kept on coming back to the trash can. Though I ignored it.

            It was a nice day to end.


            It was a night where I was awoken from the scream… I was here again. Back at this place, no, I had never left. When was I next? When will I be next? The screams… I hate it! How long have I been here? How long will this man keep me here? How long will he torture these people before he gets satisfied and come for me?


            When will you come and save me? Tyler? I’m scared.



Author's Note: Oh, no! Valiant's past is catching up.

The End

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