"...like an albino."

            The girl kept a strong grip, I didn’t reply until I was free. “What do you want?”

            “I was just asking.” She shrugged. “But I assume that it’s a yes. I mean, I kind of already know by the fact that Luna was standing right next to you and all.”


            “Yeah, that’s what I call her. Anyways, I got her away for the moment. She’ll probably come back within a few minutes once she realized that I tricked her yet again. I just wanted to meet you head to head.”

            “And… who are you?”

            She smiled, grabbing me. “I’m the club leader of the journalism club. Luna’s my vice.”

            You didn’t really tell me your name.

            Then, suddenly, she switched her attention to the watch on her wrist. Suddenly panicking, she hopped away from me, and waved me goodbye. “I must go now! We shall see each other real soon.”

            Her hair was white, like an albino. Maybe she was naturally like that. I didn’t really know, and I couldn’t until I actually felt her hair. Then again, I shouldn’t be talking about feeling people’s hair, it sounded creepy.She was faster than Lunette, since she disappeared within seconds whereas Lunette took about a minute. The direction that the journalism club leader ran off was much longer than where Lunette went. When she was gone, I heard Lunette huffing and puffing from behind.

            “Hah… Hah…” she stopped in her tracks, which was right in front of me. “I can’t believe she tricked… me again. I’m sorry for running off like that.”

            “What did she say on the phone?” I wondered.

            “Something her finding out about something crucial for our club. I don't know why she keeps on doing that though, and I don't know whether she is telling the truth or not.”

            “Ah,” was all I could make.

            After taking a deep breath and exhaling, she faced up and grinned. “Let us keep going shall we?”


            The curfew was ten at night, and we ended up being yelled at by the patrolling staff members. We made it to our room safely. Then... things got a bit weird.

            It was already cold outside, and it was nice and warm in the room. Yet, Lunette darted for the AC in the middle of the two beds and turned it on. With that, she suddenly took off her pants and... “What are you doing?”

            Her face suddenly flustered. “Oh! I’ve forgotten. I’m sorry.”

            “No, it’s fine.” Not gonna judge.

            Though I couldn’t stand to watch her undress, so I went to the bathroom for a few minutes, washing my face over and over. I shook, shivered a bit. It was beginning to become cold. So I headed out and searched for Lunette who was now on her bed with a blanket over her. It covered her entire head and back, leaving the front agaped. Her blond hair hanging about. I couldn’t tell if this was supposed to be cute or awkward. It was as if the person I knew disappeared. She sat with her knees hugging her chest.

            The girl only removed her jeans, leaving her shirt to overwhelm the regional area. I sighed a bit, now feeling afraid to sleep in the same room with this girl.

            “I’m sorry,” she said this for the thousandth time. “I usually do this when I’m alone, so it’s weird to have somebody here while I do it.”

The End

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