"Was she shy?"

            I laid on the bed near the closet (she already took the one near the window) and scanned across the room. This place was clean, no spider webs, no nothing. I got up after being relaxed for a few seconds and went inside the bathroom. It was sparkling, squeaky clean. I liked it. Then once again I turned to my roommate who looked a bit edgy, probably from me. My mouth moved and formed out words, “You got a problem with me?”

            “N—no! It’s just that my last roommate moved so… I’m pretty much back to stage one.”

            Was she shy? Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. I thought she would be the type that was just acting nice for the first impression and then became those gossip girls who thought they were on the top on the world. Then again, I wished she was. I would have had a reason to hit her. I’ll find another reason.

            After I finished unpacking, I asked, “So you’ve been here for a year?”

            She nodded. “Why?”

            “I’d figured you can show me around the place.”


            “Yes, you.”

            “Why not Tyler?”

            “Well, why not you?” I countered back. “It’d be perfect to get to know each other.”

            It was a win-win situation. I would be away from Tyler, and I would be able to befriend my roommate. If Tyler wasn’t waiting right outside of the dorm, in which case I was doomed.

            Lunette saw that it was an opportunity, and decided to go along.

            We both left our room, then the girl’s dorm. Amazingly, that idiot wasn’t there. It appeared that staying near the girl’s dorm was a bad idea since he was oh-so “popular.” How lucky. My roommate was able to lead me directly into the school’s office where they handed us our schedules and locks. After that, it was a scavenger hunt for the best available locker. After looking at both of our agendas, we had found ourself a convenient neighboring locker. Finally, after all that, she started, “Wow, I can’t believe you’re in the A class.”

            “What’s so special about it and should I be angry?” because I wanted to be, but I couldn’t since I didn’t know what she was talking about.

            “Oh, no, don’t be.” She waved her hands, backing away a bit. “There are the regular classes that’s... ordinary. The A classes were for the people who passed the entrance exam with one of the top scores. You see, 2-A.” Lunette pointed at the sign at the top of the door right in front of us. “That’s our first class and the homeroom.

            “The number is based on our grade. The letter is the difficulty of the class. Although this is only for the homerooms, other classes had their own rooms also. It doesn’t have a number and a letter, rather just a plain name of “Science-1.”

            Well, I pretty much know about that. I mean, this place has been a culture warfare for the Japanese and British. And St. Arkive just happens to take up the culture of both and put them in a mix bag. “Ah... I see...”

            She smiled at me, saying, “Well, since we’re done with that. I guess I can show you around the rest of this place.”

            This tour wasted the entire day; I also met somebody. It was in Ares’ Realm, Lunette ditched me in order to get herself a storyline, in which case, I didn’t know until later. Well, she ran away when somebody called her and probably persuaded her to leave me. Then, after a moment of silence and me watching Lunette sprint with all her might. An arm wrapped around me from the blue, shocking me a bit. It pulled me toward an eyeglasses, and through it, I saw an iris. Our cheeks nearly touched, and I tried to shove her away.

            “So I’m guessing that you’re Valiant Lave, correct?”

The End

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