"Thanks for making enemies for me."

            Everybody stared at the one he stared at—me. I glared at him, but I knew it wouldn’t affect him. His head was too fat with idiotic thoughts to even know what I meant by my body language.  He lunged at me for I was near him after being pushed even further in. For the second time this year, he hugged me, his cheek touching mine. There went my quiet days. Oh, I felt like I was spawning enemies already. How fun.

            Can’t you feel my enthusiasm?

            I shoved him away, growling, “Don’t touch me.”

            It didn’t affect him as usual. He stole my luggage right out of my hands and in order to cover it up, he said, “I’ll take it for you.”

            Then the tense feeling of death glares increased. Oh, he had fan girls, how nice. He wouldn’t let me touch my luggage again until we got to the girl’s dormitory. After the entrance to St. Arkive ground, there were two dormitories waiting at the two sides. The boy was on the left, girl was on the right. He didn’t want to be near the door so he handed me the luggage and told me, “Just go in and talk to the manager there, she’ll help you out with the rest.”

            “Alright,” I replied. Thanks for making enemies for me.

            “Once you’re done, I’ll show you around the place.”


            I made separate ways with him and entered the dorm. The door was automatic and made of glass, see-through. Inside, behind the counter, was the manager. She greeted me politely, “Hello, there. You must be a new student. What is your name?”

            She sounded like those people from a television show for kids. Whatever, I answered anyway. “Valiant.”

            “What an unusual name…” she muttered as she scrolled through the checklist. If it was unusual, it was probably easy to find. “Valiant Lave?”


            “Alright… well… your room is 2204. Here’s the key.”

            Handing over the key with the tag of the room number, I accepted it and went without another word rather than, “Thank you.”

            Pulling my luggage upstairs, away from the café down in the first floor, I searched for 2204 in the right. When I did find it, I put the key in and turned the knobs, opening it and entering. And from my left, I saw my roommate peeking out to see me. She was blond—the colors of a matured star—two feet taller than me, blue eyes, and those supposedly adorable dimples. She smiled at me, greeting me with a kindness I wasn’t used to, “Hi. My name is Lunette, I hope we get along.”

            I hope so too.

            “Valiant’s the name, nice to meet you,” I replied as I went in to unpack my luggage.

            “I—I see that you’re friends with Tyler…” she said in a soft voice.

            “If you’re gonna ask, then no. I’m not his girlfriend.” I continued putting my clothes inside the closet that wasn’t used by her.

            “No, he is really popular here.”

            “I could tell.” I closed the closet after finishing and looked at her. “Why you ask?”

            “It’s just the whole school commotion.”

            “Ah yes, rumors spread fast…” and I don’t like that.


Author's Note: What? Boarding schools aren't like this? I don't know what you're talking about! St. Arkive will rip your image of boarding schools apart if it has to. Lol, them rich people.

The End

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