Chapter 1

            I squirmed around in my skirt, it was irritating. I detested skirts, it was a horrid creation, but it was part of the uniform for St. Arkive academy. For an explanation, St. Arkive was one of the greatest schools a person could graduate from. At first, it used to be an all-girl school in order to raise fine young ladies. Now it was co-ed after the Vandaro family began funding it. To be short, St. Arkive was for:

a)      Rich  students

b)      Intelligent students

c)      Athletic students

d)      All the above

            There was a brochure that I read, though that was all I could remember. Oh, well, they had three main sections and a minor. The Hermes’ Realm, the Ares’ Realm, and the Scholar’s Realm which was fused with the Realm of Muse. Overall, there were three leaders and an overlord, the one that controlled all. The supreme overlord was—of course—the president of the student council.

            Sniffing and rubbing my nose, I stared down at the metal floors of the train moving at Godspeed. Then, in my bag (also from St. Arkive), I pulled out the envelope with my name on it. And I began reading it for the millionth time.

            “Before you read this, I am sorry that I can’t say it in person. I’m too much of a coward.

            “I don’t know your side of the story but I’ve been miserable during those three years apart from you. I was home stuck, unable to leave. I was in a prison, being forced to jam all those knowledge into my head. As you would expect, the entrance exam for St. Arkive was difficult and I would put my family’s name to shame if I failed it. From the fear of being here without you and the fear or failing their expectation, I’m sorry to say, I can’t ever be disgraceful in the family history.

            “You might think it’s stupid, but you do not know Monday. Until you fate twines in with hers, there is no terror worse than her. This will be a small warning for you know one of the Vandaro, you will meet her one day. Never let her glare at you and accept everything when she smiles. She is a dangerous woman. And it’s dangerous for me to even speak poorly of her.

            “Once I entered St. Arkive, I started seeing in a whole new perspective. It was one of the utmost opportunity given. From the darkness came a light. And I smiled when the hardship was gone. After a year, I realized, you were still back there. I was surprised, for somebody like you, passing the exam would be nothing. Yet, why are you not here?”

            I had agreed with Tyler about one thing, the entrance exam was horrifically easy. I didn’t know how seventy-five percent of people failed it. There was a question that I asked myself, though, why was I here?

            Did I fall for his words and followed him here?

            Or did madness overwhelm me?

            Oh, and Tyler, Monday might be the source of your cowardice but you did not know real fear. Locked up in a prison was could never compare to what I had—

            I was talking to myself.

The End

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