A Guide For the End of the World

'My... my guide?' Minor asked quietly at first. He then exploded, 'A guide? What do I need a chimpanzee to guide me for? What do you know about surviving in this hell? Your needs are extremely different than mine for starters!'

William sat pensively, sipping his tea. He sat quietly as Minor raged around his living room, ranting about everything from nutritional differences to hygene to social needs. It was on that last part that William finally spoke.

'My dear Minor. You are the last surviving human being on this earth and I am the only other thing that is capable of conversation. I ask you where you presume to find another form of social interaction minus myself.'

Minor stood in mid rant and pondered William's logic. He, unfortunately, couldn't think of any other argument to assail it. He therefore sat back down and  kept his outbursts and brooding to a minimum.

'Very well... what do you propose then oh wondrous and all-knowing guide of mine.' Minor inquired with dripping, venomous sarcasm.

William shook his head, 'I am not a guide in the traditional sense Minor. I am your personal guide. I am not the type of guide who will be leading you to the answers to how to survive. I am here for the answers that you seek to the questions you already held.'

'Answers to what questions?' Minor asked, snapped from his brooding by the sudden reveal.

William smiled, 'You know exactly what questions you had before all this happened. Therefore, being your guide, I am also your follower.'

'Wait, so you are going to follow me, not guide me here?'

'Precisely; you hold the questions, I hold the answers. You will discover the questions on your own time and at that point, I will guide you to the truth.'

Minor thought about William's last statement for a few minutes. A guide for the end of the world who wouldn't guide but would instead follow? What kind of shinanigan was this? He weighed his options and couldn't find anything that would help him in the long run. It was either sit in his house and simply survive and live out the rest of his days in solitude. Or, the more dangerous, unpredictable and down right rediculous idea was to go with this chimpanzee who said he held the 'answers'. Truth be told, Minor was somewhat intrigued by what William was offering. Mystery, excitement, adventure and finally some answers... it would be a hard deal to pass up. Minor had to make a decision though and what he would decide the rest of his life.

'Have you had ample time to consult the voices in your head?' William inquired.

'Yes... where do we go first?' Minor replied.

William finished his cup of tea, sat it down on the coffee table and smiled at Minor, 'This is your journey. You are the proverbial ring-bearer. And thus, the ring-bearer must decide.'

There was a few minutes of silence following this until Minor finally smashed through it.

'I was afraid you'd say that.'

The End

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