A Gene-ration Gap

Minor awoke a few hours later, finding himself haphazardly laid on his couch. He slow began to extricate himself from the couch as his memory returned. He remembered sitting in his favorite chair, reading a report and then the doorbell rang. The next thing he remembered was a monkey.

Yes, there was definately a monkey involved.

"Oh monkey? Come here monkey..." Minor began to call as he regained his corordination.

"I told you I am not a monkey! I am a chimpanzee!" A voice called from the kitchen.

Minor was taken aback by the quick response and made his way to the kitchen. Sure enough, tending a near ready tea-kettle was a chimpanzee. Minor almost fainted again but was stopped by the primate addressing him.

"Ah good, I was worried you had suffered long term damage. Good to see you pulled through." The chimp commented as the kettle began to hiss. "About time," The chimp said. He deftly climbed beside the stove and removed the kettle. He then proceeded to pour two cups of tea. It was obvious who they were for.

"I would ask if you would like some tea, but I feel it would be redundant." the chimp stated. Minor shrugged and took the proferred cup. He grogily made his way to the living room and sat down on his couch. The chimpanzee, following close, sat down on the recliner opposite him.

"So... you are a chimpanzee..." Minor began.

"And you are a human. Congradulations on your ability to recognize your far distant kin." The chimp retorted smartly.

Minor glared at his un-welcome guest, "I see that with evolution came the advent of manners and the ideal of not making yourself at home while the owner is unconcious."

The chimp spread his hands in a concilliatory manner, "Was I supposed to leave you on your doorstep? Your door was standing wide-open if I remember correctly."

"You weren't supposed to do anything! You're a chimpanzee! The fact that we are even conversing is proof enough that things are wrong here." Minor fired back.

"I believe that since humanity is all but non-existant on this planet, without an explination mind you, that a talking chimp is the least of your worries."

Minor paused and thought about his words, "I assume you also have a name."

The chimp smiled, "Indeed I do, my name, is William."

"Timothy Minor,"

"As I could tell from your home." William said.

A brief period of silence befell the odd pair until Minor broke the akwardness. "Dare I even wonder or ask why you are here?"

William didn't answer at first. He instead took the time to finish his tea before replying. The grin slowly disappeared from his face as he looked Minor directly in the eyes.

"I, Timothy Minor, am your guide in the end of the world."

The End

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