An Unexpected Discovery

Timothy Minor had waited for this moment for weeks. The first sign of possible human contact. In between the nightmares he had every-night when he went to sleep, he dreamt of the day where he would meet another human being and end his solitude. Therefore he prepared for this encounter in every-way possible. Thus with his plan formed, Minor did the first thing that came to mind.

He fell out of his chair with a surprised shrill cry and then sat there.

A few moments silence followed the cacophony of Minor’s exit of his chair. Then another round of knocking commenced. Minor extricated himself from the chair and made his way warily to his front door.

‘Hello?’ He asked. There was no reply from the other-side of the door except for another peal of knocking. Internally, Minor waged a battle as to whether he should open the door or not because for all he knew, marauders could be standing on the other-side. But eventually, his curiosity and excitement won out and he undid the locks to the door and opened it.

As Minor opened the door, he noticed a void where the normal human body would have been had a person been knocking. Minor was extremely confused, that was until he looked down and saw a chimpanzee sitting there on his door-mat.

‘Can I… help you?’ Minor asked the furry being. The chimpanzee, to no surprise, did not answer but instead tilted its head slightly to one side.

‘Of course, you’re a monkey… you can’t talk can you… that would be silly.’ Minor said after he had calmed down. He stood there inspecting the animal for a few moments and then exploded.

‘Why out of all of creation would a freaking monkey be sitting on my doorstep?! Why?! I mean it couldn’t have been a dog, which would be useful in hunting and tracking, or a bird who can scout ahead. No! It has to be a…’

‘Actually, I’m a chimpanzee not a monkey, thank you very much.’ A heavy British accent replied.

Minor stood dumbfounded and staring at the chimp, cut off in mid rant. ‘Did you… just… speak?’

The chimp smiled, ‘Why yes I did actually. Why? Is this surprising to you.’

The two stood in silence staring at each-other, both regarding the other with bemused and or confused expressions. Then, Minor collapsed in the foyer of his house.

‘Oh, dear.'

The End

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