It Started With a Knock

Timothy Minor is the last human being on earth. However he is not a survivor of the 'Rapture' or an alien invasion, famine or disease. He woke up to find that everyone had simply disappeared. This is his journey to discover not only what happened but also who he truly is.
And it all starts, with a knock at his door.

Timothy Minor wasn’t a very religious man by any usual standards. He believed in God but he didn’t know exactly which God to believe in. He did, however, believe that the world, as humanity knew it, would at some point in time, end. He didn’t, however, know how.

That was until he was the last remaining human being on Earth.

Minor sat in the living room of his house as he reviewed reports on his laptop. He was using some of his precious electricity that his solar panels generated to look at news and science reports from mere hours before the happening. He had no other term to use for what had happened. ‘Rapture’ had appeared in his mind at first but even with his limited understanding of theology, he seriously doubted that he was the only man fit enough to be left behind. Thus Minor searched and searched for a reason that he could validate as to why he was the last remaining survivor of the human race.

He always started at the beginning of the event. After everyone disappeared, he went through a period of about six days in complete confusion and chaos. After those days he began working on stocking his house with the supplies needed to survive in this now very lonely world. He first thought about electricity. So taking ideas from numerous television shows he had seen, he scavenged enough solar panels to create a bank from which he could draw a continuous stream of electricity. He then turned to food. As he was the only man alive, he could afford to ‘renovate’ some of the rooms in his house. He did this by adding numerous freezers and other storage areas for food. A quick invasion of a few grocery stores and supermarkets of their perishable foods later, he had a very formidable assembly of food that could last him for days. For transport he turned to bicycles after he had run out of gas in his vehicles. As Minor had kept himself in a somewhat fit condition, he found the exercise gained by riding everywhere to be a good diversion.

With those necessary things taken care of, he then began cataloguing all the information he could find before the event had occurred. Science reports, weather reports, anything at all that he could gather he did. He had eventually poured over all the notes numerous times over but yet he had not found a single thing that pointed to any sensible explanation. But yet, he continued to, hanging onto the hope that he could find some reason why he had been left and everyone he knew, or for that matter didn’t know, had disappeared.

Thus while he was surveying geological reports of St. Helena in Washington he heard a sound that startled him, scared him and intrigued him all at the same time.

The last human being heard a knock at his door.

The End

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