1st day of summer

It started out as a normal day for Jonathon who was looking forward to mastering level 20 of Zombie world. However, his mum had other plans and Jonathon finds himself reluctantly helping his mum in the garden digging up the weeds. But what else will he did up?

It was the first day of the summer holidays, no homework, no tests and no boring teachers. The sun was shining outside, not that I notice much I was too busy playing my Xbox game in my room with the curtains closed. I was halfway through my zombie game when I heard her feet come stomping up the stairs.

“Jonathon you are not spending all summer in your room!” She shouted barging into my room. “You need to get outside while the sun is out.” I was busy killing zombies to really pay any attention. Suddenly the screen went blank; I gasped looking to see my mum holding the wire in her hand.

“I can’t believe you just did that.” She smiled pleased with herself and walked over to the window then almost pulled the curtains off the rail. The blinding sunlight poured into the dark room I covered my now wounded eyes. “Mum!”

“Now I want you in the garden, you can help by digging up the weeds and trimming back the brushes. I’ve got my book club coming over later and I want to have tea outside.” Mum was walking around my room, moving things and gathering a pile of dirty clothes. “Jonathon, what have I told you about bringing down cups and plates.” She sighed raising her eyebrows at me with that look.

“It’s only been there two days.” I muttered trying to find my trainers.

“Honestly what girl is going to be impressed seeing mouldy cheese pizza?”

“I’ll clean it. Where did you hide my trainers?” They were meant to be in the corner along with my skateboard that was also missing.

“Try looking by the back door.” She turned walking out my room, I was tempted to put the game back on and thought better of it.

Reluctantly, I made my way downstairs to face the dreaded task before me, my dad was at work so had escaped the gardening and my sister was playing at her friend’s house. I found my trainers slowly putting them on, still thinking how I could get out of gardening and failing each time.

“I’ve left the gardening tools out ready, the ones with the big green leaves yellow flowers are weeds and don’t forget the plant pots.” Mum shouted from upstairs, I sighed and went outside find the gardening tools on the table where Max the old golden retriever was fast asleep.

“I’ll stay there if I was you, she’ll have you washing the windows.” He snored twitching his leg. I smiled taking the trowel in my hand and saw the overgrown weeds. “Why can’t I have homework?”   

The End

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