It Snowed Last NightMature

The hunting "field trip" lasted for what seemed like weeks. Or a few days. I wouldn't know. Time flew by slowly. It dragged itself on its two feet instead of using its wings. Training sucked dick. I would know. Wink, wink.


I turned to see who called my name. But I couldn't see who had called. I ignored it, turning back to the table prepare the food for tonight. Fresh meat. No. We weren't some disgusting stereotypical vampires. I grinned, thinking to myself. Wow, I needed friends.

"Lux," someone called again.

It sounded kinda creepy. Like the feeling you get when someone's breathing cold, icy air on the back of your neck.

"Who the hell is calling me?" I called.

"Lux," the person repeated.

Now, that just pissed me off. Is that only word they knew? I dropped the bread, watching it fall to the dirt. It was dark, the only light coming from the stars.


Again? You're kidding me right?

"Who's there?"

I heard footsteps, some leaves rustling in the forest, and a twig breaking under someone's weight. I moved through the group of trees, nearly chopping my head off when a big branch swung my way.

"Shit," I whispered, catching my breath.


The voice was getting nearer. I followed. I froze. I felt a cold hand on my shoulder.

"Lux," they whispered in my ear.

It was a guy. That I knew for sure. And I aimed for his precious nuts. I crossed my fingers, hoping he would fall and moan in pain. And yes, he did.

"Lux!" he screamed, clutching his balls.

I looked down. A flashlight found my face. And I couldn't help but grin when I found Austin on the ground, looking like he was constipated. Vampires obviously didn't have rock hard penises.

"I'm so sorry," I managed to say, in between fits of laughter.

"You should be," he said, as I helped him get up, "I think you permanently damaged the little man in my pants. Shit, man!"

I pouted, laughing.

"Sorry, penis," I said, looking down at his "little man".

"He doesn't forgive you."

"That's 'k," I whispered, "he's never gonna get it on with vagina."

"Well, that could make up for his pain."

Austin started to move closer to me, grinning mischieviously. I pushed him away.

"She's off limits for now," I said, nodding assuringly.

I went back to preparing the meat.

"You need help?" he asked.

"No," I said.

"You mad?"



He placed his hands behind his head, walking back to the campground. I shook my head, laughing silently. He was my best friend, but was such a douche. I walked back to campground, placing the meat crap on the table. The smell of animal blood was in the air. This "field trip" was to show us how to prepare for the real world. When it was unfavorable to drink delicious human blood, you went for the animals. It sucked having to drink animal blood for 3 days straight (so far), but oh well. At least it was pretty fun. Austin made room for me on a small log.

"You smell like blood," he whispered.

"Really?" I asked, sarcastically.

"You know you could be pretty bitchy sometimes?"

"Oh, yes," I said, "I know."

"Hey, Lux," Mason said.

"Hi," I said, nervously.

Austin rolled his eyes, getting off his seat.

"There you go, man," he said.

He knew that I had a huge crush on Mason. And he knew that I would kill him if he didn't let him sit next to me. Mason laughed, his sparkling white teeth and sharp fangs showing as he tilted his head back. He stopped, looking straight at me. His messy blonde hair was tinted orange from the fire. He smiled, sitting next to me. I owed Austin. I saw him, sitting next to Daisy, his bitchy girlfriend... who I think hated my guts. I didn't know why... I didn't like Austin. He was my best friend. But... I had to admit, he was sexy. I let my mind wander too far. I looked at Mason, who stared deep into my eyes.

"Lux," he whispered.

He grinned. But, when he said my name is strangely sounded like the one coming from the forest.

The End

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