Reinventing the past

Sophia did not look back as she climbed into the car whilst the last suitcase was packed into the trunk. The wheels of the sleek saloon car crunched on the gravel driveway as it made its way purposefully forward.

She leaned back into the luxurious leather seat and set her mind to what lay ahead. She didn’t see the old drooping figure looking out of tall bay windows, didn’t notice the grim set of the mouth and the cold eyes. She wouldn’t know that he stood there, looking out of the windows until the very last second when the car disappeared out of the iron-grill gates.

She didn’t look back. One kept the past in the past. It did no good looking back and pining over what could have been. Her pragmatic practical mind looked ahead. She would appreciate the geographical distance she put between her future and the childhood home of her past. She would miss darling Andrew though. Not that he would be in any want of affection, he had those in abundance.

As the car swallowed up kilometre after kilometre, Sophia put her mind to practical matters, making notes in her mental diary. Logistical issues had been already taken care of by her father’s manager, her college residence all furnished and ready for her to move in. She could have declined the monetary assistance, but that would have been impractical and foolish.  There were other ways in which she would carve out her own name.

The End

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