It Just Wont Stop Watching

Just a little walk along the road of teenage paranoia. Ever since i was little I've always hated being stared at...

It stares. It just keeps staring. Stupid bastard. He mutters. All it ever does is stare. With it’s squishy pale face and dead eyes.
It’s cold dead eyes keep staring. Unblinking at his outburst. He screams in a frustrated anger. Why don’t you just go away? No answer.
Why is your mouth falling off your face? He asks, working himself up into a frenzy. Why are you looking at me with that stupid face?
Quickly he straps a mask to its pale squishy head.
Slowly it falls off. He loses his cool for a second time. He bounces off the walls and lets off the steam of his frustration. Suddenly it hits him.
He throws a white sheet over its head. He lets out a deep sigh of relief.

The End

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