It Hurts

"Don't play with me, boy.
I know things you'll never understand.
I understand things you'll never know.
I am ten times more than you'll ever deserve."

"And yet you yearn for me."

"Wipe that unappealing smirk off of your face!
I yearn for you like I do for someone to cut off my right hand.
You are nothing to me."

"And yet you tremble whenever I come close to you.
Your eyes show things you won't let yourself speak, darling.
Come now!
You must remember the first time."

"The first time for what?
Stop playing games with me!"

"Take your pick!
The first time you saw me?
The first time you realized we were more than friends?
The first time you dreamt of me?
The first time you wished I was there beside you?
The first time we kissed..."

"And yet, it was all a lie.
A lover you will never be if all you can give me are lies."

"You know in your heart the only one lying is you.
You're lying to yourself by denying this.
Tell me you want me to go away.
Tell me this instant!"

"I will not do as comanded by the likes of you!"

You can't even make yourself get rid of me.
You put this torture on yourself and now you can let it go.
Just make a choice.
If you want me to leave, then fine, I'll leave.
If you want me to stay then tell me.
Tell me and I'll always stay by your side.
But please put me out of my misery and choose, my love!"

"I can't.
It hurts to say I need you.
And it hurts to let you go."

The End

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