chapter 2

School went on...studying occasionally, or maybe rarely, going out with friends, fighting with her sibling....everything was pretty much the same.

The guy behind her spoke to her sometimes but so did the one next to her and the one next to the one behind her, there was no reason to take an exceptional liking to anyone of them.

' I'm in the ninth grade she told herself, I'm not going to crush on a guy just because they sit next to me and talk to me.'

And just like that she made herself ignore any feelings that may or may not have been in her heart. People often told her that the guy behind her seemed to have taken a liking to her but people said lots of crap she told herself and focused on her studies. Her friends teased her with loads of guys but that doesn't mean they all liked her, is what she told herself to make sure she didn't get too arrogant.

they then got a long holiday from school and when she came back to school after her holiday, she thought that obviously her teacher had forgotten her old place and went to sit next to her best friend.

Her class teacher walked in and out of the class and by keeping a low profile she managed to stay where she was. Now class got funner. She was next to her friends, they cracked jokes and laughed around till all the teachers got bugged with them, it never seemed that they had done enough gossiping and they certainly never managed to eat enough in class.

She barely spoke to that boy anymore, it wasn't like she was being rude or anything, he had his own friends and she was more than happy with hers. she only thought of him as, " yeah,him, hes the guy in my class"

Sometimes when she distributed circulars or notebooks she would talk to him but never more than that. Then came their long christmas vacation she left on the last day of school looking forward to the holidays and she didnt quite know how he left school or when he left school.

the vacations were going by fast and her mother told her to join a camp or something like that but she didn't want to really do it until another one of her friends called her and asked if she wanted to come and she thought, ' what the heck,its not like i'm doing anything anyway.'

the first day of camp went by smooth, she liked the camp and made a few friends too she was really looking forward to the next day which was kind of ironic because who should be there but him?

wow she thought wouldn't  see someone like him here would we? she smiled at him in acknowledgment and thats what she thought did it.



The End

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