The cold doesn't bother me anyways

Work in progress.

Her bones ached from the cold and her head pounded like a drum. Her teeth chattered and her body shook uncontrollably. She was embarrassed that she could not stop shaking. She did not want him to feel any worse than he already was. She knew he would be furious with himself if he knew how cold and tired she was right now. So she tried her best to sit still.

She watched him take his frustrations out on the steering wheel and couldn't help draw up a smile. It's not that there was anything funny about him being angry, but she found it kinda....cute. It was just the situation. She found it funny because here he was, pounding at the car while she just sat there, happy to be with him. Yeah, she was going to be late, but she didn't care. 

She leaned over the seat and kissed him. She kissed him until he started breathing again. His chest movement slowed down, but she could feel his heart racing. 

"It's going to be okay," she smiled, "we'll just have to sit here with each other for a little longer."

He laughed from exhaustion and smiled back. 

Maybe she would be mad if it had been anyone else, but it wasn't. He made her happy and she couldn't think of any time where she wouldn't sit in the freezing cold with him. She couldn't do anything to help, but she could be there, with him. And she planned on it.

The End

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