It Happened So Fast

Lindsey and Jamey are best freinds. Then, Lindsey gets hit by a car. She doesn't remember Jamey, or the accident. after having several dreams about the accident, her parents tell her the truth. but they leave out the most important person in her life.

Walking across the park, Lindsey didn't know if her life could get any better. Her best friend, Jamey, was walking her home after his 12th birthday party. She'd given him the best present she could think of: a book. Jamey just loved to read. Just like Lindsey. Jamey broke through her haze of thoughts with a question. "So what's it feel like to be younger than me?" Lindsey punched his shoulder and giggled. "By two weeks!" Laughing, they stopped at the street. Lindsey started walking to her house, then  stopped to wave to her best friend. But his face was set in a mask of horror. Shocked, she turned toward the street, just in time to see the tan compact that was about to run her over.

The End

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