It Doesn't Matter What I Write, You'll Read It Anyway

This, for now, is the placeholder for my NaNoWriMo 2009 submission. See for details

Like I have in years past (though my membership on Protagonize is not nearly so old) I have attempted to participate in writing challenges, one of the most popular being the National Novel Writing Month festivities.

This year marks the second year I will be attempting it, as I did back in 2007 (when I burned myself out in the first week), and again, I will be starting off with a title, a plan, and a typist.

The title (as you can see above) and the plan are already mostly set (though with projects this size and speed, nothing is ever in stone. The typist will be decided shortly, between two friends who 1) need money, and 2) type faster than I do. Fortunately for them, those are the only criteria.

I will be asking my typist to post submissions on a psuedo-daily basis, and a day at a time, even though the days of writing will not be true indications of chapter or division. Bear with me. If I make it though, the story will be overhauled, unlike 2007's, which is still rotting in my closet.

Wish me luck, please. I know I'm going to need it, though I will likely need your prayers even more.

Thank you.

The End

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