'You know, as your best friend! I'm just here for you Lyssa.' Jad said, with a reassuring smile.

'You were always.'

He showed a little smile with his thin lips and his sea green eyes glistened with the sun's rays. His white skin brightened up and his face blushed slightly. There was a sudden change of atmosphere and there I felt a slight intimacy between us.


Roses falling from everywhere. The sweet sound of the violin fills the air as the two of us dance, in the middle of the night. His breath makes my body warm as the cool winds of December blows and his soft quiet hush would calm my soul, like a water in the middle of the sea of fire.


He got out of the car and opened the door for me. As I got out, he gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. 'That goes for my best friend.' He said. I smiled, I knew there was nothing wrong it that. He sees me as his best friend and there was nothing more than that. 'Thanks Jad! Be safe!'

'I will! Bye!'

The End

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