As I rode his car, he started asking me questions. I knew that he would ask me, when I start to "chill off". 'So, what made you so gloomy today Lyssa?'

'I don't know.'

'I don't accept that as an answer. I know there's something wrong.'

Jared is a good friend, he knows when there is something wrong. He knows me so well, even a small detail about how my nostrils enlarge when I'm angry and how my ears go red when I'm embarrassed.

'We're best friends and we never kept secrets from each other just as what we promised to each other right?'

'Fine! It's about Lex.'



'Oh Alexis, is she the beautiful, pale skinned girl? You know, the one with you and Jessie awhile ago?'


'What happened?'

'She's.... creepin' my nerves. I don't know why. Every time I see her I get this weird feeling.'

'Want to go with me during lunch tomorrow? At least you can avoid her... if you want.'

'Sure but, how about Jessie? If she comes with us, Alexis will be alone.' 

'I guess you have no choice then. I'm sorry.' Jared said ruefully, holding my hand that was resting on my lap. 'Its fine. You don't really need to worry that much Jad. Thanks.' I rested my head on his as he continues driving. I couldn't do these things with Jared at school. He's a heartthrob and girls will obviously pick on me once they see me like this with Jared, even Jessie. 'Hey Lyssa, can I ask you something?'

'You already did.' I said, trying to horse around and change the atmosphere. And it did work.

'Did I?' Jared said, laughing. 'Anyways, you got lots of admirers, why did you turn them all down?'

Wow, that was a hard question. I didn't really expect Jared to ask me that. It wasn't anything like Jared. 'Why are you asking me that Jad? Do you wanna be one of them?' I said, laughing but it faded when I realized that he was serious. It was actually true. Guys go crazy for me but I didn't like any of them, maybe because of this "trauma" I got.

'Remember Tom Gallagher?'

'You mean, Aldrix?'


'I get it. You turned them all down after Aldrix left for Australia. I'm sorry if I made you think of him again.'

'It's fine. I already got over him. It was three years ago already.'


He stopped the car in front of our house and looked at me. 'I'm still here Lyssa.'

'What the heck do you mean Jad?'

The End

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