'The way she acts around guys, especially with Jared. It's just so... nevermind.'

'Tell me.'

'It's just so... flirty. I don't really like girls like her. Keep it as a secret okay?'

'Know what? I also hated that at first, but I got used to it eventually. It'll take sometime but you'll get used to her too. Oh that? Of course I will!' I smiled at her, trying to look sincere.

'What type of person do you think you are Lex?'

'I guess, a typical loner, quiet, pathetic girl.'

'That's quite dark, more of the lighter side!'

'I guess a serious lover, and I do everything I could for the one I love.' Alexis looked at me with a little, mysterious smile on her face.

'Oh! My next class is over there! See you later!' I said, trying to avoid her gaze that gave me a weird feeling. As I arrived to my next class, I couldn't stop thinking of her, the way that she looked at me, it was very mysterious. My heart was beating fast, I don't know why. Her look, her smile and her words are chilling my nerves.

I felt cold feeling creeping in my nerves. The class is over and I walked alone, trying to avoid Alexis. I don't know why but she gives me the creeps, it is like she is trying to tell me something with that 'serious lover' statement. I just really can't tell what is in her mind and as long as I don't know, I won't be able to get that statement off my mind.

'Lyssa!' I suddenly jumped in surprise when I felt someone hold my shoulder.

'Oh my goodness!' I shouted in shock and turned around to see the person.

'Darn it Jared! You scared me!' I said, punching Jared's arm. Me and Jared are actually close. Close enough for me to punch or slap him in the arm. He started bursting with laughter.

'You seemed to be spaced out today. It is so unusual for you to be like that. What's wrong?'

'Nothing's wrong Jared. Thanks for your concern.' I didn't really want to tell it to Jared. Jared and I are good friends, we're like siblings actually. I tell him my problems, what I feel towards something and so does he. But today is different, I really didn't feel like telling him.

'I know you. Something's wrong. Tell me.' Jared blocked my way when I was about to walk.

'I said I'm fine Jared, you don't need to worry.' I said as I start moving. Jared held my arm and I looked at his face, filled with concern and sympathy.

'I won't force you to tell me now but, promise me you'll tell me someday.'

'I promise.'

For a few seconds, silence ruled over us. Then I felt my body warm up and I broke the awkward silence

'Will you let go of my hand now?' I said, getting frustrated.

'Say you promise first.'

'It looks like you're spacing out too Jared, I already promised you.' I said, laughing.

'You seem better now Lyssa.' Jared said, pinching my nose. 'Anyways, I think you should go home now. Do you have any companion? I can drive you to your house.'

'It's okay Jared, thanks.'

'Come on. It's kinda dark today and it looks like it's going to rain.'

'Then I'll take the taxi.'

'My god Lyssa? What's with you today? Come on, let me drive you home.'

'Wouldn't I be bothering you?'

'Nope, not at all. So will you?'


'Great then! Come on, give me your things.' Jared took my bag and putted it on his arm. A true example of a gentleman. No doubt girls will like him.

The End

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