It Comes Unexpected

'Hey! Over here Jess!' I said, rushing towards my friend Jessie.

'My goodness I missed you Lyssa!' She hugged me tight, as if we didn't see each other for 10 years.

'Okay, you need to relax girl, it has been only a few months!'

'Months of boredom is long for me Alyssa!'

'Mine isn't, sorry.' I grinned. Trying to make Jessie pissed. Our family loves to travel. Last summer we went to Italy and France and then Madrid. Then this summer we went in some parts of China, South Korea and Japan. So my summers aren't boring. But I missed my friends to. So it's good to be back at school.

'How is Asia?'


'I wish I could travel like you.'

'Wanna come with us?'

'If only I could' We laughed as we went our separate ways, going to our designated rooms. 'See you later at lunch!'

I sat near the window, as usual. I love to observe the clouds, the images they make, it is amazing. How I wished they were solid that I could step on.

I started day dreaming when I suddenly felt someone sit beside me. It was a girl with a beautiful deep blue pair of eyes, straight black hair and a petite frame. Her face is so mysterious yet so innocent.

'Hi, I'm Alexis, Alexis Peterson. But I prefer to be called Lex.' She said with a smile.

'Alyssa Anderson. Nice to meet you Lex.' I smiled back.

'Are you also new here?'

'Nope, I have been here for like five years already.'

'Oh that's cool.'

And then there was silence. After a couple of hours, it was finally lunch time. So I invited Alexis to eat with me and Jessie.

'Lex.. um.. would you like to have lunch with me and my friend?'

'If it is okay with you then sure.' She said shyly, slightly blushing.

So I lead her to the cafeteria. Then went to the table where Jessie is.

'Hey Jess!'

'Yo Lyssa! Made a new friend?'

'Yep. So Lex this is Jessie! Jessie this is Lex.'

'Hi! Jessie Collins but please call me Jess.' Jessie said as she grabs Alexis' hand, shaking it.

'I'm Lex, nice to meet you!' She said with a cute smile.

We sat down and stated eating and of course, chatting.

'Hey Lyssa, did you see Jared today?'

'No. Why?'

'My goodness! He changed a lot! He has grown a mustache and he got taller! It made him look hotter! Hey Lex, wanna see Jared?' Jessie said, blushing and totally excited.

'Um, sure.'

'I tell you, he's the hottest guy in school!' Jessie added.

Alexis didn't seem to be interested. She was observing the cafeteria, emotionless. Then I suddenly met her eyes, but she shifted it immediately.

'There he is! Hey! Jared!' Jessie said waving to Jared. Jared is a slim, tall guy. With sea green eyes, thin lips and a short, aristocratic hair with a slight mustache. Jared waved back smiling, then went with his friends.

'Isn't he handsome?'

'He is.' Said Lex, with a bored tone.

The bell rang, and we went our separate ways.

'Bye Lyssa, bye Lex! I had fun meeting you.'

'Bye Jessie!' Me and Alexis said.

'Is she really like that?' Alexis asked me, with a disappointed face.

'What do you mean?'

The End

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