It Began With Nothing.....

the beginning of the world.

Black space. There is nothing here. Just a bare black sheet spread across the.... well, the everything. All you can see is the faint pinpricks of light caused by stars, millions of billions of light years away. They prove that show where, there is a movement. A breath of life. A beginning of time.

This story starts with an unremarkable star. Its only distinguishing feature is that it is surrounded by nothing.

Then, suddenly, that is not true any more. I suppose that, if there was air, it would be very loud. This instantaneous matter production. To go from empty, to a section of the universe. Now that you mention it, it must have been hot as well.

In any case, it had begun. Time. The world. The milky way.

And life. With the heat and by products of the distant star gone awry, life on the planet now called earth, started.

The End

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