It all starts here...

I am just a simple, normal young woman, I suppose. Not much to me.

Born with precious, white-like blond hair and a pair of extremely gorgeous hazel eyes that shone through any darkness, many would say that I am beautiful. Flawless, you may say. The perfect tan tone, accompanied by a thin, but healthy body structure.  Every single attraction, every place I had gone, there seemed to constantly be a boy who followed me around who would tease me with horrid name calling.

One time, I got into a fight with my best friend due to the outcome of her boyfriend calling me a "slut." Hair pulling, slapping, shouts, name calling, and punches followed. It was the only, yet bloodiest, fights I have ever been in.

A few months after the incident, my mother broke the news to me that she was having another baby. 

We had to move.

In the nine months of being pregnant, she met this terrific guy who adored me because he never had any children of his own due to issues. he treated my mother good, unlike her ex. My biological dad was a drunk and left me very young. But Jeremiah was a honest and independent man.

Until Mama introduced him to alcohol... 

The End

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