Tyler-Ann is a regular girl with a loving father, wonderful friends and a slight obsession with the Legend of Zelda games.
Nicholas is the most popular boy in the school. His parents have his whole life planned out for him and he's never been allowed to eat ice cream.
The Cinderella dance is when all the girls place one of their shoes in a pile. The guys then have to pick a shoe and try to locate their "Cinderella". When Nick finds himself with Tyler's shoe, everything changes...

"You going to the dance tonight?" Hannah's voice asked from the phone. Tyler set the phone down on her dresser and hit speaker phone. She turned to the mirror and examined her just curled hair. Noticing a part that needed fixing, she picked up her curling iron and went to work as she answered.

"What kind of a question was that?" Tyler asked, grabbing her first strand of slightly curled, black hair.

"Hey, I'm just checking since you haven't been to one in the past couple of months." Hannah said with mock indignation. Tyler released the hair from the iron and was happy to see the curl decided to stay this time. 

"Calm yourself, darling." She said with a smile. "Though I will say this: I'm not sorry for missing them." Tyler reached for another bit of hair.

"I wouldn't be either if my dad was as cool as Jason. How many companies want him to be their photographer again?" Hannah asked, incredulously. 

"You're jealous." Tyler stated simply.

"You think? Oops, Mom's calling. I must have forgotten to do the dishes again.Talk to you later!"

"I'll be there at seven to pick you up and you'd better be ready this time!" Tyler said with a laugh.

"Aren't I always? Buh-Bye!" and with that, Hannah hung up. Tyler finished another strand of hair before turning to where her iPod touch sat on it's speakers. She turned it on and cranked up the volume so that Drunk on You filled the room.


Tyler had never known why her mother decided to leave. It happened all too sudden. One day she's telling Tyler how they're going to be together forever and then the next... She's gone. Thoughts about her mother popped into her head while she got dressed for the dance.

If her parents had had any arguments, they were kept pretty secretive. Madison hadn't even come to at least say goodbye. She'd just packed her things and left while Tyler was at school. Her and Tyler had always told each other everything! However, when it came down to it, apparently Madison hadn't told her "everything".

"You can't always keep you secrets to yourself." She'd told Tyler one day. "If you do, they'll ruin what happens to you in the future. That's what family is for." Tyler hated that woman for this and promised that she would never recognize Madison as her mother if she ever saw her again.

When Madison first left, her father tried to get Tyler to talk about it like Madison would do, but at that time, Tyler's anger was new and fresh. It took almost a year for her to go back to a some-what normal life. Even then, her life was far from normal. Rumors began to appear shortly after and that's when her life as a member of the "lower-class" began. As she walked through the halls at school, her old friends from the drill team would point and laugh, as well as shout out cruel names. Looking back, Tyler couldn't believe that had once been her.

"Hey hey hey!" Jason said as she walked down the stairs, bringing her mind back to the present. She smiled as her father pointed his new camera at her. "You're looking beautiful!" Tyler laughed as her father snapped a picture. She wore a dark green tank top she'd gotten custom made. On it was a picture of Link sitting on the grass with Navi the fairy floating above him. Over it she wore a jean jacket that stopped at her ribs. She had on a pair of dark jeans with her blue converse on her feet. Upon her head was her favorite black Legend of Zelda hat with the Triforce on the front.

"Dad, this is what I always wear." She said as he directed her towards the wall. "Plus you always say something like that."

"That's because it's true. Now, lean against that wall and place your left foot up by your knee." He said, picking up his camera. He got up and quickly tilted her hat slightly to the left. "Good. Now fold your arms across your chest and give me that teenage 'I'm so cool' look." He looked through his camera again. "On second though, place your hands in your pockets."

Jason worked as a photographer for various modeling companies. He was really good at it too. He'd taken pictures of all sorts of models but he always came back to take even more of his favorite 'model'. His daughter, Tyler-Ann Jones. Most teens would be annoyed at this by now but Tyler actually found it sweet and every once in a while she'd even find a picture of her in a magazine. Her pictures were the only ones that weren't edited. That was Jason's condition of letting his daughter be in the media.

"Where are you going tonight?" Jason asked while he took the pictures.

"Street dance. I haven't been to one since school started and Hannah's getting ready to scream if I don't go to this one." Tyler said with a shrug.

"Just Hannah?" He peeked over the top of his camera with that all knowing smile of his. Tyler raised her hands in surrender.

"Alright," Tyler admitted with a sigh. "So am I."

"That's what I thought." he said walking towards the kitchen. Tyler followed him in and grabbed her car keys.

"I'll be home by one at the latest." She gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Have fun!" He called after her as she opened the door and left.

The End

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