The day after the biggest problem yetMature


The day after


Getting called up to the office is a rarity unless I know that I’m going home, the student messenger that knocked on classroom door telling the teacher that I was required at the office immediately, there was a stirring in my stomach, whether it was nerves or worry I didn’t know. Walking into the office I told them my name and the short rounded lady said to come around the back office, to the parents entrance. What is going on? I had a srinking feeling that i knew and i didnt like what i suspected.

“Please head into the door on your left” the same older lady with greying hair said. I read the door and it said the councillor. Great I thought sarcastically to myself. Now, that I’ve started to feel better they want me to talk to a councillor. Perfect.

The small room had four small soft chairs with a large cabinet just to the right of the door. The older lady said it was for privacy in case anyone walked in. She treatedme like she was walking on brokenglassandif shestood on the wrong spot i would break.

I never knew how stupid councillors could be though. This older lady didn’t understand anything that I told her, mind you I just wanted to get out of there so i gave a heap of bullshit about how life should be and we have bigger hurdles to climb than friends arguing. She gave this site that i should visit that apparently helps with things like this. I didn’t cry once.

i proved her wrong about treating me like broken glass i was stronger than that i had already over come something worse than this, so why are you making sure i'm ok now?

Walking out of the room I felt relieved and not for having the weight lifted off my shoulders but for being out of the room, not once did I feel relax so I could share everything, I just lied about my self harm,my depression and my serious belief that was once a nobody.

The End

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