It all started with a black cat licking the milk

Summer is always lonely. When she finally finds a friend, they beg for her help but is it too much to ask for or should she do what friends are for, no matter how much trouble she gets in. She had no clue.

I froze as lighting echoed outside. A bang and then some thing shuffled from downstairs. It wasn't Mum or Dad coming in from the town meeting; it wasn't late enough and the noise wasn't loud enough to be the door. I pretended I was fearless and slowly stepped out of bed, going through all the possible things it could be. Robbers, a wild animal. No, it had to be the wind. As I began to walk downstairs I began to think of all the impossible things it might be no matter how silly it sounded yet the further don the staircase I got, the more it became real. Stuff like gremlins, scary clowns or a vicious baby dinosaur. No, I was fearless. There was nothing that would attack me. It was just the wind. So why was I checking it out? I just had to know what was down there. I was sure that if something was down there it would hear my heart thudding before I even opened the living room door. 

I finally reached the door and it creaked loudly. The noise had stopped but I sensed something was still there, in the kitchen. Two green eyes blinked at me. It was a black cat licking up the milk that had fallen. A window was wide open. Mum wouldn't have left it so wide. I looked outside, not frightened anymore. The hedge at the back of the garden had a huge whole in it. The flowers in front of it was wrecked. Trampled and flat. There was something larger than a cat that had been for the milk. 

The End

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